THE MIDWEST’S LEADING EGG PRODUCER Contact Us Because farm-fresh tastes better THE MIDWEST’S LEADING EGG PRODUCER Contact Us Because farm-fresh tastes better

Happy Healthy Hens

You can know that at Minnich Eggs our hens are getting the most premium care. We provide them with a cage free living environment so they may experience a fun time at the farm.

What is best for you is best for us!

Our company provides a way for you, me and our hens to be happy and healthy! The most protein for the dollar.

Let’s protect Mother Earth

We translate our values into action. Using solar panels, reusable packaging crates and recyclable material are just a few ways we help our environment.

Family-owned and Operated

Together we have a passion for the Egg Industry. Minnich Eggs strives to maintain a family atmosphere around the farm as we care for our consumers, employees, hens, and environment.


Operations like ours continually look to identify environmental improvements. By implementing numerous best practices to ensure responsible management of resources like water, manure produced, and other materials released into the air or natural environment. In this way, sustainability is not just an ethos; it’s a practice we integrate into everything we do.


Supporting and assisting our community is important to us. That’s why we make charitable donations and support causes that align with our beliefs and values.

Quality Product

At Minnich Eggs, we make it our mission to supply our customers with the highest quality eggs. We insure this by caring for our hens, providing premium packaging and excellent delivery to your everyday grocery store.


We work with local suppliers and vendors whenever possible, to bolster the local economy.


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. It takes a great team of hardworking employees to help our farm operate. Their future success is our top priority.


About Us

We’re a family-owned company with deep roots and Midwest values at the forefront.

Minnich Family | Trusted Egg Producer

Our farm has been owned and operated with the Minnich family name for 3 generations. We have earned a reputation for producing, packaging, and selling the safest, most affordable, and protein-rich food for the world. We now house almost 4 million hens producing around 3 million eggs per day. Together with both family and a friendly workforce, we are able to supply farm fresh eggs to your home!

A trusted Egg producer

Vertical Integration

We manage multiple stages of production to ensure quality from start to finish!


We make our own feed to guarantee superior nutrition for our hens.


We grow our own baby chicks and prioritize the health and welfare of our pullets.

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We care for and monitor hen health to provide nutritious eggs.


We ensure the integrity of the egg processing.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

We’re here to help you! Contact us today with questions of any kind! Whether you're seeking employment, need eggs brought to your distribution center, or simply have questions about the eggs in your refrigerator, we would love to assist you.

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